Monday, March 23, 2009

watercolour sketches-Konkan area

Konkan is a coastal area near Pune, at 4 hours car drive distance.I go there every 6 months for painting. after painting some spots, i also sketch in watercolour with out using pencil atall.

The houses in Konkan area have sloping roofs to take care of heavy rains with wind.Every house has a verandah, a semi open space outside for hot seasons.These spaces are multipurpose, used as entrance lobby, storage ares , sleeping ares and some times even for goats and cows.

the entire ares is full of paddy fields and coconnut groves.I just love the rustic feeling of such places.

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  1. Hi,
    I really loved the loose and effective style of your watercolours. The kokan sketches are really beautiful. Mahalakshmi mandirachya dwaracha chitrahi sundar ahe.